Offers you cannot refuse.

Occasionally, the The Cabin will have a surplus or deficit of certain commodities. When our inventory is above or below a certain threshold, we attempt to correct it by providing special offers.

Please check in periodically to see our latest specials and be sure to remind our staff to apply the offer to the terms of your trade before payment is delivered.

Purchasing Unknown Artefacts

In anticipation of the Thargoid return, The Cabin is seeking to purchase Unknown Artefacts. These remnants of the mysterious alien race have proven utility in interacting with several of the abandoned Thargoid structures. If you are an explorer who no longer needs your Unknown Artefact for activating alien technology or a pilot interested in offloading some illegal cargo, The Cabin is buying.

Unknown Artefacts
20 tonnes Palladium | 266,000 CR

Last Updated: 27 August 2017